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Who We Are

Salty's youth program is geared toward outreach and discipleship, designed to provide an environment where teens can engage in a real and dynamic relationship with Christ. It is always our objective to empower teens to make godly and moral decisions throughout their life while loving them right where they are today. 


Mentoring young people is an intentional and time bound privilege with lifelong effects. Our biblically based programs are designed to challenge teenagers to go further and do more than they think they are capable of, through the power of Christ in them. We teach godliness over religiosity, honesty over duplicity, courage over excuses and independence over dependance. Teens learn how to serve others over themselves and how to become effective leaders while walking in and growing their faith.


It is our goal to assist parents with the awesome responsibility of raising godly teens to become godly adults.  




Biblical Foundation &

Carbine and Rope

Leadership & Service


Sports, Recreation and Christian Fellowship


Ethics, Respect & Moral Compass

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