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Strengthen Your Spiritual Core - Strengthen your Physical core.  

Teen guys entering the 7th grade through graduation can join core, a group within the crew that is hyper-focused on growing their faith and their relationship with Christ as well as maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Core communicates together regularly and meets monthly for a physical activity such as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, spikeball etc. A time of spiritual growth is a major part of every activity.


Workout Nights

Those interested can join the crew for workout nights. The Core gym is located at Stoney Trail Farm in Taylorsville GA


Check out the calendar for group gym times and information.


We ask when you participate in any crew activity you follow some simple rules; this helps maintain a solid Christ-Like environment - which is kind of the point!

  1. Check your anger & bad attitude at the door; wear a spirit of joy.

  2. Simply - No foul language.

  3. No vapes, No smoking, No drugs. (We don't judge your addictions - we also don't enable them.)

  4. Always dress appropriately - appropriate t-shirts with sleeves, fingertip length shorts & shoes.

  5. Be supportive - no laughing, bullying, or making fun of others - we are in it together

  6. We always play on our honor.

  7. Godly music only, in the gym at all functions & activities. 

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